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Chamaebatiaria millefolium

Rose Family

This infrequently-encountered shrub features a tall, open habit and unusual fernlike foliage combined with sprays of small, cream-colored blooms. It flowers in mid to late summer, when there is little in bloom in most native gardens. The foliage has a pleasant, resinous scent that is echoed by the scent of the flowers, hence the other common name for this plant--desert sweet. The flowers are followed by rust-colored seed stalks that are quite ornamental through the winter. Fernbush is among the first shrubs to leaf out in spring and can be semi-evergreen where winters are mild. It is rarely touched by deer. Fernbush has a tendency to self-sow--the seedlings look like yarrow seedlings, but are a lot easier to pull. This plant is fast growing when given supplemental water and can get quite large and gangly, especially in the shade. To keep it compact, plant in full sun and let nature do the watering after the first year.

Fernbush habit in gardenFernbush habit in garden Fernbush flowering branchesFernbush flowering branches Fernbush flowersFernbush flowers

Other names: Desert Sweet

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