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Ephedra viridis

Joint-fir Family

Green mormon tea is an adaptable plant that will grow in a range of soil types and plant community settings. It does much better in full sun, however, and is not very tolerant of competition from a heavy understory of grasses. In nature, it is a plant of rocky slopes in the dry foothills, where it is a companion to pinyon pine and Utah juniper. It makes an excellent accent plant in a waterwise landscape because of its erect, broomlike form and bright green color. This brilliant yellow-green is especially welcome in winter, and also contrasts beautifully with the soft, pale green foliage of big sagebrush and winterfat. Green mormon tea makes an acceptable substitute for the non-native brooms (Cytisus), which have become serious pests in some parts of the country. Male plants even have yellow flowers in spring, though these are not as showy as broom flowers. Green mormon tea looks especially beautiful planted against large landscape rocks.

Green Mormon Tea habitGreen Mormon Tea habit Green Mormon Tea fruiting branchesGreen Mormon Tea fruiting branches Green Mormon Tea female conesGreen Mormon Tea female cones Green Mormon Tea on the rocksGreen Mormon Tea on the rocks

Other names: Brigham Tea, Mormon Tea

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