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Achnatherum hymenoides

Grass Family

Perhaps the best-known and most easily recognized of all our native grasses, Indian ricegrass is found throughout the drier parts of the Intermountain region. It is especially abundant in sandy soils, but does not seem to require coarse soils to prosper in cultivation. It is not a strong competitor with other bunchgrasses, however, so be sure to give it room. The round, black seeds of Indian ricegrass are borne in open, spangly seed heads that look very pretty floating above the stiff, bright green, fine-textured foliage. The plants maintain this spangly appearance for weeks through the summer, even after the seeds are dispersed. This plant does tend to self-sow, and while the seedlings are easily pulled, it often makes more sense to pot them up and pass them on to gardening friends. This is easily accomplished with a hand spade or small shovel. Indian ricegrass is a fine companion to shrubs like desert sage and winterfat, and also looks good planted with perennials like Utah penstemon and sundancer daisy.

Indian Ricegrass habitIndian Ricegrass habit Indian Ricegrass in gardenIndian Ricegrass in garden Indian Ricegrass in the wildIndian Ricegrass in the wild Indian RicegrassIndian Ricegrass

Other names:  Ricegrass, Achnatherum hymenoides, Oryzopsis hymenoides

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