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Rhus trilobata

Cashew Family
This large, fast-growing, mounding shrub is easy to grow and hard to hurt. It can handle fairly dry conditions but has no objection to extra water--just be prepared for rapid expansion. It can grow in sun or shade, though it grows much more slowly under shady conditions. It is not picky about soil. Deer rarely browse it, but it is exceedingly tolerant of pruning. You can buzz it into a cube once a month or even shear it to the ground on a yearly basis--oakleaf sumac will always bounce back. This plant has tiny white flower clusters before the leaves appear in spring. The one-seeded red fruits form in early summer and often persist for weeks, adding a touch of color to the mass of bright green foliage. In autumn, the leaves turn amazing shades of wine red, scarlet, and orange. This plant does well in mass plantings where there is a lot of room, as on steep hillsides for erosion control. It also performs well as a screen or specimen plant.

Oakleaf Sumac habit, prunedOakleaf Sumac habit, pruned Oakleaf Sumac habit in fallOakleaf Sumac habit in fall Oakleaf Sumac leaves & berriesOakleaf Sumac leaves & berries Oakleaf Sumac leaves in fallOakleaf Sumac leaves in fall Oakleaf Sumac habitatOakleaf Sumac habitat

Other names: Skunkbrush, Skunkbush Sumac, Squawbush, Threeleaf Sumac, Rhus aromatica

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