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Acer glabrum

Maple Family (Aceraceae)

This graceful little tree is common on moister sites in mountain brush and lower montane communities throughout the western United States. It is smaller than its cousin bigtooth maple, with smaller leaves and fruits. The twigs, and also the leaf petioles and young fruits, are often bright red, while in autumn the leaves may turn yellow, red, or orange. The leaves are very variable in form across the range of the species, from shallowly three lobed with blunt or sharp teeth to palmately compound. Rocky Mountain maple is an excellent tree for home landscapes and makes a very acceptable substitute for Amur maple (Acer ginnala), which does not generally perform well in the alkaline soils common in our region. Its fondness for rich soils and regular watering makes it right at home in traditional landscapes. Western mountain ash, mallowleaf ninebark, and mountain snowberry make good companions.

rocky mountain maple fall colorrocky mountain maple fall color rocky mountain maple leavesrocky mountain maple leaves rocky mountain maple samarasrocky mountain maple samaras

Other names: None

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