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Arenaria macradenia

Pink Family


This little-known plant is a tough desert dweller that likes to grow in dry, rocky soils in full sun. It is also sometimes found higher in the mountains, but never far from the rocks. It is a long-lived perennial that requires very little in the way of maintenance or resources and is quite easy to grow. Once established, it will rarely if ever need extra water. It can tolerate a range of soil types as long as the soil is reasonably well-drained. Showy sandwort has an open, airy, dome-shaped form somewhat reminiscent of baby's breath, which is a distant relative. It has very slender, almost needle-like leaves and an abundance of blossoms. Its sprays of classic white blooms last well into midsummer. Showy sandwort looks good with midsummer-flowering plants like sulfurflower and James buckwheat, which echo its rounded form but have contrasting color and texture. Showy sandwort has little tendency to self-seed, making it a good choice for more formal settings.


Showy Sandwort habitShowy Sandwort habit Showy Sandwort flowersShowy Sandwort flowers Showy Sandwort in gardenShowy Sandwort in garden

Other names: Mojave Sandwort, Rock Sandwort, Shrubby Sandwort, Big Sandwort

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