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Delphinium barbeyi

Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae)

Tall larkspur in one of its many variants is a common plant in aspen parklands and mountain meadows throughout western North America. It is quite similar to many domestic perennial delphiniums, most of which were selected from Old World species--the genus is widely distributed throughout the northern hemisphere. Our native tall larkspur features deep royal purple flower spikes over lush mounds of hand-shaped leaves. The blossoms are perhaps not as sumptuous as domestic varieties but are quite handsome nonetheless. Tall larkspur likes rich soils and regular water, and is tolerant of full sun or partial shade. It combines well with other tall perennials of the aspen forest, including maple mallow, sticky geranium, leafy Jacob's ladder, and blooming sally.

Tall Larkspur habitTall Larkspur habit Tall Larkspur flowering stalksTall Larkspur flowering stalks Tall Larkspur flowersTall Larkspur flowers Tall Larkspur habitatTall Larkspur habitat

Other names: Subalpine Larkspur, Western Larkspur, Barbey's Larkspur, Duncecap Larkspur, Delphinium occidentale

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